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Time-lapse photography and demolition | Time-Lapse Systems – Time.Lapse Photography Article

Time-lapse photography and demolition | Time-Lapse Systems Like time-lapse construction edits, demolition is also a process that is methodically complex and that benefits variously from incremental capture.As invaluable to a contractor who is erecting large scale builds such as skyscrapers or sporting stadia, regular interval photography is just as advantageous for demolition companies wishing to demonstrate their methods.The results of rigorous work done by wrecking balls, cranes and bulldozers, or hydraulic excavators to undermine and dismantle structures of any kind…

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Documenting the core cities of the Northern Powerhouse – Time.Lapse Photography Article

As the proposal to boost the economic profile of the North of England recently hit a five year milestone, we have worked extensively in many of the key city regions. From Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool to Hull, Newcastle and Sheffield, our leading time-lapse services have been utilised to capture developments in various sectors. Demolition & construction, road, rail & other infrastructure, City of Culture ventures, student accommodation and brand new venues are just some of the varied projects to have…

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